• "We have a great thing going here participating in the Alpha CORD Math Academy using Nucleus Academic Environment. We want to keep the ball rolling as I think it will be the students who end up being the winners here."

    — Dr. Jim Brown, Librarian/Tutor Jefferson County-Dubois Area Vocational-Technical School, Reynoldsville, PA

Why is CORD Math Academy being created?

According to a 2011 study, 62% of all incoming college freshmen require some type of math remediation before attempting college level mathematics. In two-year colleges, the figure is estimated to be as high as 85%. The annual costs for these courses are $1.8 to $3.4 billion. The nation’s colleges are bearing the brunt of these expenses. With shrinking budgets and increasing need, they need to maximize their efforts. CORD Math Academy is being developed to reach out to today’s tech savvy student.

The sooner a student can focus on their chosen field of study, they are 80% more likely to graduate. This program is designed to help students reach math mastery in less time.

What is being developed?

When completed, CORD Math Academy will be a three-course program. Content will begin with very basic math concepts and progressively increase in complexity. When a student has completed the program, they will be able to take the next logical step…into a college level math course.

What would be considered course two material is currently in development. According to research, this content is of the greatest immediate need. For a complete list of what is being developed, please see the “What’s In Development” icon on the home page.

How is it being used?

There is great flexibility in implementing CORD Math Academy. It can be used as free-standing online course or as a supplement to current math remediation courses. Through the adaptive learning technology, instructors have a great flexibility in selecting areas of study for students. This allows a student to focus on areas of need.

The social aspect allows students to create personalized profiles and interact with other students. Peer-to-peer discussions and study groups are often more effective than traditional classroom settings and individual studying.

For more information on the many ways CORD Math Academy can be used, we urge you to contact:
Clydene Stangvik, VP-Education Partnerships, Nucleus Academic clydene@nucleusacademic.com or Darin Brock, Marketing Director, CORD Communications dbrock@cordcommunications.com

Who is developing CORD Math Academy?

CORD Math Academy combines the best of industry, pedagogy and technology supplied by:
CORD - The pioneer and nation’s leading provider of contextual-based, real-world mathematics.
NucleusAcademic - Educational technology experts and creators of the LearningQuest platform.
NOCTI - A national leader in technical assessments and industry certifications.

When will it be ready?

Course 2 is scheduled for completion in summer 2012 and be ready for implementation for fall semester 2012.

Course 1 and 3 are currently in development and scheduled for completion in fall 2012, with implementation to begin spring semester 2013.

When fully completed, CORD Math Academy will be a three-course math remediation course. Starting with very basic math concepts and ending with complex math material aimed at getting students prepared for college level algebra. Math concepts currently under development are:

  • Working with Whole Numbers
  • Understanding Fractions
  • Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Decimals
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Percents
  • Integers
  • Measurements
  • Real Numbers
  • Linear Equations and Applications
  • Graphing Linear Equations in Two Variable
  • Linear Inequalities and Absolute Value
  • Geometry
  • Systems of Linear Equations
  • Exponents, Roots and Radicals
  • Polynomials
  • Factoring
  • Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
  • Relations & Functions
  • Graphs of Nonlinear Functions and Conic Sections
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Basic Statistics
  • Rational Expressions
  • Complex Numbers
  • Basic Trigonometry

The material follows a logical scope and sequence designed to speed student success and retention. With the benefit of internet-based learning, mathematics material will be continually updated and added to meet changing needs and standards!

Students are given a clear picture of their course requirements through the My Lesson Path section. Here instructors can assign a series of lessons based on student or course need. A drop down menu clearly displays the list of lessons. These links direct the student to the corresponding CORD Math Academy lesson. Each online course has been designed around CORD’s contextual pedagogy. By establishing a frame of reference that the student experiences in daily life, the math is easier to comprehend.

Simple completion of a lesson does not constitute completion of the course. Following the lessons, the built-in assessments test the student for actual mastery of the material. As the student progresses through the lessons and passes the test, they can chart their progress through the color-coding system of the lessons.

  • Lessons in black: Yet to be completed
  • Lessons in green: Partial mastery
  • Lessons in blue: Mastered

CORD Math Academy contains a unique feature built in to the system. Bookmarks are inserted into the material that allows the students to return the last slide viewed if a lesson is interrupted for any reason.


The Learning Community is the student and instructors passport to discussions with others taking the course or learning the same material. This creates the “social” aspect of CORD Math Academy. Students can discuss issues, study tips and learn math with a new friend – across the class, across campus, across the nation or even across the world!

This interaction with others creates a sense of community among students, letting them know they have others for support and ideas and they are not alone when struggles arise.

For instructors, participation in on-line discussions can be an excellent requirement for furthering the lessons and determine whether the students are mastering the subject matter.

Students also have the opportunity to create their own unique on-line profile, sharing photos, hobbies and classes.

About CORD...

For over 30 years, CORD, the internationally acclaimed research and development agency, has been studying how different students learn and how great teachers teach. The result is improved student success through new curriculum and instruction.

CORD calls its highly effective pedagogy Contextual Learning. Sometimes described by theorists as “scientific constructivism,” this Contextual Learning approach incorporates the five teaching strategies embodied in the R.E.A.C.T. acronym - Relating, Experiencing, Applying, Cooperating, and Transferring.

Studies have shown that a student learns more and retains more information when they can form a frame of reference to the material being taught. “How does this affect me?” and “Why do I have to learn this?” are the two main questions put before every instructor. CORD’s method of teaching establishes answers to both of those questions before the lesson is taught. By creating that “ah-ha” moment, students learn they already have a base of knowledge and are better prepared to undertake the task at hand.

Since 1979, CORD has created these educational tools and innovative programs to empower faculty and prepare students for greater success in careers and higher education.

CORD’s curriculum development philosophy is based on research of contextual teaching and learning that emphasizes the relationship of course content to real-life situations. As much as possible, CORD curriculum incorporates:

  • evidence-based teaching strategies
  • problem-solving opportunities
  • hands-on activities
  • authentic assessment
  • work-based learning experiences
  • critical thinking
  • project-based learning

It’s a more meaningful way to learn math. CORD, making math make sense! To learn more about CORD and CORD Communications, click on the links below



The Resource Library is the pathway to other learning tools that enhance the lesson or provide additional learning opportunities outside the regular class or online course. This includes printable worksheets and activities such as:

Math Labs: Give the students an opportunity to meet and conduct math labs relating to the topic. Collect and report data back to the instructor

Math Applications: Series of mathematical equations relating to the current topic as it pertains to specific career applications such as: Health & Medicine, Business & Marketing, Industrial Technology and more!

Extra Practice Worksheets: Printable worksheets providing extra practice for the students

Topics for Discussion: Tips for student discussion via the Learning Community

Lists and Links to various websites, streaming videos, and other web materials that can enhance the lesson.

Such as this video: Khan Academy Video: Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius.
To view this video, click "s" or right-click to keep this stickynote open and then click the Play arrow.

The material is self-paced and interactive to help keep students engaged in learning. Throughout CORD Math Academy lessons students are asked to answer questions relating to the material – in various multiple choice, true/false scenarios.

Until a correct answer is given, the lesson cannot be advanced. CORD Math Academy is equipped with a testing tool to determine if meaningful learning is taking place.

Once a student completes all of the lessons they use the Assessment Tool. Students answer a series of questions related to the material. When answered correctly both student and teacher are notified the material has been mastered, which is tracked on the home page.

This continuous assessment provides real-time feedback to instructors, detailing areas of concern before it gets too late, or notifying of student mastery.

Students will have access to math tutors through this helpful tool. They can schedule face-to-face meeting with instructors or tutors, attend or view online math tutorial classes, or view streaming videos of tutoring sessions pertaining to their area of need.

Scheduled tutoring times will appear in the students "My Calendar" window as a reminder.

Welcome to the Community!

The solution to the growing math remediation problem is just a mouse click away!

An estimated 62% of incoming college freshmen need math remediation. That’s costing our nation’s colleges over $1.8 billion annually! According to many studies, mathematics remains one of the highest hurdles in the pathway to earning a degree. Students are 80% more likely to graduate the sooner they can focus on their chosen field of study. The challenge is to create a quicker way to math mastery. Educational and technology leaders, CORD, LearningQuest, and NOCTI have combined forces to create a unique math learning tool. By harnessing the technological and social strengths of the internet, math remediation is taking on a new form: CORD Math Academy!

• Online Math instruction
• Social Interaction

• Adaptive Learning Technology
• Real-time Feedback

• Third Party Validation

The On-Line Math Learning Community!

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